Bare root season

It’s bare root season and here’s the list of what’s available at Walter Andersen’s.  I picked up a bunch of stuff and got to work.  First there were the strawberries  – I got 10 each of 2 different day-neutral varieties and got those planted in some self-watering containers similar to EarthBOX.  Here’s a link to a site with instructions on how to make your own. I really like those because it’s easier to keep the slugs and snails out of the berry patch and the watering is generally only once a week.

Next were the raspberries.  2 each of 3 varieties.  I had spent some time over the fall leveling out a bed along the back 40 and getting the soil amended and ready to go.  I was so happy to get the 6 little plants in the ground.  My dad grew tons of raspberries when I was growing up and I really miss having fresh ones in the garden. I may get a few berries this year, but I really expect my first big crop next year.

Finally, I also got some rhubarb.  It doesn’t seem very commonly grown here, but they had some nice big crowns at the nursery so I thought I’d give it a shot.  They are often talked about for members in permaculture guilds, primarily because they produce so early in the season and the inedible leaves are great for mulching in place.

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