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Above Average Chill-hours so far

What are chill hours?  There are different ways to calculate chill hours, but basically they’re the cumulative hours under 45°F from the beginning of November through the end of February.  And why do we care?  The cold is required to … Continue reading

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Against the better wisdom of the folks at Walter Andersen and Dave Wilson Nurseries, I planted my first blueberry bushes – gasp- right in the ground.  I carefully amended the soil with sulfur to lower the pH.  Then I mixed … Continue reading

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High-tech Hop Dryer

When drying your homegrown hops, it’s very important not to let them get too hot. Heat drives out the volatile hop aromas you want to keep for your brewing.  Most food dehydrators now have adjustable thermostats that let you control … Continue reading

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4th and Final Hop Harvest

I thought I was done for the year, but those Cascade hops keep coming.  Looks like I can get another ounce or two off the bines before I clean them up.  I planted the rhizomes in the spring of 2009 … Continue reading

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Rain Barrels Help Prevent Runoff Pollution

Well – it’s not rocket science, but apparently rain water collection is good for more that just watering your plants.  The results are in from the Rain Barrel/Downspout Disconnect Pilot Program sponsored by the City of San Diego Storm Water … Continue reading

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