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Lazy systems – how do we build systems in an urban setting that mimic and assist nature. What nitrogen fixers can we plant near the fruit trees to feed them so I don’t have to buy/schlep fertilizers? What can I plant so that I can mulch in place? Nasturtium? Comfrey? Rhubarb? How do we conserve and make best use of the little rainwater that falls here?

Ants are Ranchers

Our little lime tree is finally starting to produce. It put on quite a lot of growth this year, with lots of fresh juicy leaves. So the aphids and the whitefly moved in next? Or was it the ants first … Continue reading

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5 things you can do now to help you get the most from this winter’s rains

Here in San Diego, nearly all of our 10 inches average annual rainfall comes in the winter. How much water is that? If you use the formula of .623 gallons per square foot per inch of rain, that comes to … Continue reading

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Criolla Sella Infused Oil

Here in San Diego, pepper plants are perennial and this Bolivian Criolla Sella plant has been growing for 2 years.  It continues to crank out the peppers. We have already dried and crushed enough peppers to last us a year … Continue reading

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Gravity fed drip irrigation – is it worth it?

“If you buy what you don’t need, you steal from yourself.”  -Swedish proverb I’m a frugal person of Swedish descent, so why did I feel compelled to spend the time and money buying and installing a drip system for the … Continue reading

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Another Great Hop Harvest!

Wow – year after year it keeps getting better.  I planted these rhizomes in the spring of 2009 and had a meager harvest that fall.  Pretty much as expected.  Last year they did pretty well – I took 3 harvests … Continue reading

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