Urban Coop

Urban Chicken Coop

Building the Chicken Coop

Earlier this year I posted some pictures of the coop build. I didn’t really include much information about the process. Now that life with chickens has settled out of its newness, it seemed time to go back and fill in the gaps, and bring in a little more detail on how I planned and built the coop.

I’ve filled in details in these areas:

  1. Research and Design
  2. Site Prep and Foundation
  3. Framing the Coop
  4. Roofing and Siding
  5. Doors, Windows and Ventilation
  6. Enclosing the Run
  7. Finishing Touches

If there are some areas that you think I’ve missed or skimped on, please let me know.  I’m really interested in your comments and feedback.  Thanks for stopping by.


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