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5 things you can do now to help you get the most from this winter’s rains

Here in San Diego, nearly all of our 10 inches average annual rainfall comes in the winter. How much water is that? If you use the formula of .623 gallons per square foot per inch of rain, that comes to … Continue reading

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Switch to kegging your homebrew

Jeff – this one’s for you.  The sooner you start kegging, the happier you’ll be.  It saves so much time and effort (even if you don’t include cleaning up bottle bombs) that you’ll find many more opportunities to brew.  As … Continue reading

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With a hoop house, we can put those chickens to work!

Since the tomatoes are done for the season and have been ripped out, I was inspired by some recent reading (Kate’s Hoop House at Living the Frugal Life ) to build a hoop house. It’s a good deal for everybody … Continue reading

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Wood Stoves – Heating with Local Fuel

There’s lots of buzz these days about ‘locavores’, and some people have begun to think about ‘food miles’.  But what about ‘heat miles’? Where does your heating fuel come from.  Our primary source of heat is natural gas, and while … Continue reading

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Building an Urban Chicken Coop

Earlier this year I posted some pictures of the coop build. I didn’t really include much information about the process. Now that life with chickens has settled out of its newness, it seemed time to go back and fill in … Continue reading

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