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Heating with wood is carbon-neutral. The carbon released during the burn was sequestered during the growth. Modern EPA-rated woodstoves are efficient and clean producers of heat.

Wood Stoves – Heating with Local Fuel

There’s lots of buzz these days about ‘locavores’, and some people have begun to think about ‘food miles’.  But what about ‘heat miles’? Where does your heating fuel come from.  Our primary source of heat is natural gas, and while … Continue reading

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Love those Super Cedars

Ever since I was a kid, I used rolled up, twisted newspaper and kindling to start fires in the fireplace.  For the first half season with the wood stove, I followed tradition.  But sometimes, especially with imperfectly seasoned wood, the … Continue reading

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Heating with wood

There’s something primal and deeply satisfying about the heat from a fire – listening to the crackle, watching the flames dance and flicker. But open fireplaces are often a negative heat source as they suck a huge column of warm … Continue reading

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