Loquats are in blossom

Loquats are always our first fruit of the season.  We have a mature tree down in our part of the canyon and it’s in the early stages of blossoming now. CRFG says the fruit mature 90 days after full blossom, but I think our season starts closer to mid-April.

We eat them fresh off the tree, and I’ve tried various ways to preserve our abundant crop, but the processing is really tedious.  Each fruit has somewhere between 2 and 5 seeds to remove in addition to the skin, which stains your fingers a nice ‘homestead brown’ after peeling a few pounds.  I’ve made spiced loquat halves and different jams and chutneys, but nothing’s been a big enough hit to make it seem worth it.

I’m thinking this year I may take a little fermentation adventure and try making something like wine or cider.  At least I wouldn’t have to deal with peeling them – just knock the seeds out and crush.  Could be good???

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