Coop Build – Part 1

After pondering the idea of chickens for a very long time, we decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  We decided on a spot down on the garden level (our choices were pretty limited given the city’s regulations) and back in February I started the build.

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3 Responses to Coop Build – Part 1

  1. Bill M says:

    It looks very nice so far – if I were a chicken, anyway. I like your use of bottle caps. Have you decided on the breed(s) yet?

    • beth says:

      No decision on breeds yet – it will depend on what’s available locally. I’d like to get 3 baby chicks – not 25, so shipping is unlikely. When I did some preliminary research on breeds – quite some time ago – the ones that made it on my list were: Delaware, Holland, Plymouth Rock, Faverolles, Star, Easter Eggers, Ameraucana, Barnvelder, and Rhode Island.

      There are several ‘breed selection’ tools out there (,, etc.). The criteria that are important to me are docile, quiet, bears confinement well, egg production… When the coop is done, I’ll do the query again and compare that with what I find in the area.

      • Bill M says:

        We have a Buff Orpington (at least that’s what I think she is – though she was sold to us as something else) and she is our most docile hen and equal to our Araucanas in egg production so far, but with bigger eggs.

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